Power-to-X - Technologies for sector coupling

The Mechanical Engineering Industry is a key industry for climate protection. It is both a manufacturer and a user of efficient and emission-reducing technologies and thus a driver of the...

Kick-off event of the new Power-to-X for Applications working group on 11 December 2018

Power-to-X is a central political issue regarding climate protection and energy system transformation. Politicians and the media are becoming increasingly involved in the discussion about this...

BREXIT: Effects on the type approval of engines and non-road mobile machinery

On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom (UK) announced its intention to withdraw from the Union in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (EU). This means that all EU primary and...

44th BImSchV: Consultations started in the Federal Council

The cabinet draft for the 44th BImSchV was adopted on 19.10.2018 by the German Bundestag with the votes of the coalition. The AfD, FDP and Greens voted against, the Die Linke abstained. There were...

Founding of the VDMA Working Group "Power-to-X for Applications"

VDMA has set up the "Power-to-X for Applications" working group to deal even more intensively with the topic of P2X.

SMM, 8 - 11 September 2020

The world's leading trade fair for the maritime industry

VDMA advocates the inclusion of e-Fuels as part of the CO2 fleet regulation for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Negotiations are currently under way at EU level to reorganise the CO2 fleet regulation for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The EU Commission's proposal currently gives...

Energy Transition 2.0 - VDMA Engines and Systems sets course for climate neutrality

The potential and challenges of a comprehensive energy transition were the focus of the board meeting and general meeting of VDMA Engines and Systems on February 21 and 22 at Caterpillar Motoren...

Database for searching rules of the classes

The VDMA has set itself the goal of bringing transparency into the catalogues of requirements of the classification societies and ensuring access to the current "Rules" for its member...

Stricter emission requirements influence machine safety

The demands placed on the emission behaviour of mobile machinery have increased significantly in recent years.

Into the future with combustion engines

The publication "With combustion engines into the future" shows combinations with and alternatives to the widespread and highly efficient combustion engines, explains their potential and...

Die Maritime Energiewende - 2

Die Schifffahrt steht in der Kritik als Umweltverschmutzer - Was ist dran an der Behauptung?

Die Maritime Energiewende - 3

Was muss die Politik tun, damit die Klimaschutzziele der IMO erreicht werden können?

Die Maritime Energiewende - 4

Wie kann eine Reduktion der Emissionen in der Schifffahrt erfolgen?


The Board of VDMA Engines and Systems