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Hydrogen is a central key to achieving climate neutrality and German industry wants to play a global pioneering role in this area. The technologies for producing climate-neutral hydrogen are already available today. In a joint paper, the associations DWV, VDMA and VKU call on politicians to remove regulatory hurdles, to set the legal framework for an international hydrogen market and to promote the expansion of renewable energies.
The European Commission's "Green Deal" envisages that Europe will be the first climate neutral continent by 2050. To ensure that this does not remain just a bold vision, the use of Power-to-X technology is urgently required. Technology offers great export opportunities for German companies.
The use of hydrogen is indispensable for the desired climate neutrality. The draft of a National Hydrogen Strategy now presented by the Federal Ministry of Economics is an important building block for this, because without hydrogen and other Power-to-X products we will not be able to achieve the Paris climate targets.
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