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The technical focal points of the Association’s work are defined by the steering committees. Issues such as emission legislation, EU directives, standardisation or classification requirements are assigned to the operational working groups.
Die Veröffentlichung „Mit Verbrennungsmotoren in die Zukunft“ zeigt Kombinationen mit und Alternativen zu den weit verbreiteten und hoch effizienten Verbrennungsmotoren auf, erläutert deren Potenzial und leistet so einen Beitrag zur sachgerechten Bewertung moderner Antriebskonzepte.
Die Anforderungen an das Emissionsverhalten mobiler Maschinen sind in den letzten Jahren deutlich gestiegen.


The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection has published a new draft of the future emissions level China IV entitled “Emission control technical requirements of non-road mobile machinery and diesel engine”


There have been no uniform standards for natural gas in Europe to date. And seeing as gas was generally supplied through pipelines from Russia and has a reliably high methane number and low sulphur content, uniform standards have so far not been a requirement either.
Work on important series of standards continued at the general assembly of the two ISO committees ISO/TC 70 "Internal combustion engines" and ISO/TC 70/SC 8 "Exhaust gas emission measurement".
The revised standards for measurement procedures (ISO 8178-1) and test cycles (ISO 8178-4) are now available on the ISO website. However, work on the key ISO 8178 standards series continues. One key focus for the future is smoke measurements, which are becoming increasingly important in the shipping industry.
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