Power-to-X - Technologies for sector coupling


The Mechanical Engineering Industry is a key industry for climate protection. It is both a manufacturer and a user of efficient and emission-reducing technologies and thus a driver of the "energy transition".

To achieve the 2 degree target, immense investments are necessary, which can only be justified by transparent and technology-neutral framework conditions. This implies that, in addition to the possibility of direct electrification in various applications, consideration is also given to those for which this route is out of the question. Other energy sources with high energy density are needed for ships, mobile machinery or heavy goods vehicles. P2X is a promising component on the road to greenhouse gas neutrality. "Green" hydrogen and methane ("power-to-gas"), liquid fuels ("power-to-liquid") and chemical raw materials ("power-to-chemicals") are highly relevant for many areas (transport, energy industry, buildings, industry, etc.) of the Mechanical Engineering Industry.

Power-to-X across the entire value chaine

The VDMA is an organisation of key players in a P2X value chain, from the generation of renewable energy to plant constructors and customers of artificial fuels. We therefore offer the ideal platform for bundling the interests of this industry and representing them vis-à-vis the public and politicians. With the largest industry association in Europe behind us, we want to pave the way for an essential component of a comprehensive energy transition.